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Join Our Team: Seeking Administrators for Our Exciting New Website

May 22, 2023 8:21 AM | Anonymous

We're finally here.  We, as a board, decided to create a cleaner, more efficient way for our group to communicate in the 21st century!  This doesn't preclude members from contacting each other the way they want, but this new website does so many things!  It allows each of us easy access to the site and all of the information available about our events, but it also opens a gateway of communication between each other, no matter which path we choose. 

Having a member directory allows us to send a letter or a card because we have the person's up to date information for contact address (the one we want people to use), phone numbers, and emails.  In the past, we had to take the chance that the person would be at a meeting or event and we could "catch up" with them then, maybe.  The new forum allows us to ask each other questions in a new way which allows everyone else to benefit from the conversation as well.  If I ask someone the best medium to use with acrylic painting, then someone else who had the same question can read the forum first before posting their question to see if someone else is struggling the same way. 

Of course, we can't do any of this without administrators.  As an administrator, you learn a world of information about how websites run (without TOO much detail) and have an easy way of monitoring and editing items that are redundant - like too many forum posts about acrylic mediums with the same information.

Speaking of administrators - we can REALLY use help from our members to work with the original team to do administrative tasks.  It doesn't take a LOT of time, but it is time that we "originals" can use for ourselves too.  Having other people come on board and join the fun allows us to be more flexible with our own lives.  AND, we're willing to help you learn so that we are all on the same page as far as what to do and how.  It NEVER hurts to learn new things, although we've heard some people are resistant.  I personally feel they are missing out on a great opportunity.

We're very happy to be able to speak with you through our blog posts, too.  It helps us make appeals like this that normally are voiced in a public presentation and too easily forgotten.  Blogs are a great way to remind all of you that we are here, every month, managing the organization's administrative necessities and looking forward to you joining  our team.

All the best!  Kathy Bohn

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